2015 Game Changers

By Luna Vega

New Year = new algorithm, new trends, and new digital marketing rules. So what will shape and influence buyers decision in 2015?  Below are the four most important changes that might affect your business this year. 

1) Mobile and social shopping: Yes, you’ve heard this before – average e-commerce site receives 30-50% of traffic and 60% of search traffic comes from mobile. Additionally, mobile social shopping apps saw a usage surge in late 2014 (wanelo, depop, to name a few). Needless to say, ensure your site is responsive this year otherwise Google will penalize your website ranking.

2) SEO: Google algorithm continues to become more sophisticated and cracking down on spammy links. Excessive use of anchor text (especially when the text matches the page’s title tag keywords), use of paid links and even guest blogging are factors in Google’s spam detection.

3) Shopping without border: Consumers are avidly requesting brands to enter new territories. With pre-sale and Kickstarter, products go global before even being manufactured. It’s, therefore, important to optimize your site for international customers. Leverage geo-IP tools to detect location and serve relevant language, currency and shipping to your customers. Ensure that shipping policies are easy to find (where do you ship and what do you charge), and suppress free shipping banners to regions it’s not offered.

4) Dark social: Dark social describes untrackable traffic. For example, traffic coming from Instagram, text messaging apps, refer as dark social.
A simple way, to fix the issue, is by creating bit.ly URL (for example link in your Instagram profile). Bit.ly will at least provide measurements on how many people clicked on provided link.

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Let’s do this!!!!

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