Being a Leader in Social Media Marketing

By Yulia King

We all know the power of social media is not to be underestimated. Whether you are marketing yourself for a new job, writing a blog or selling products and services as your own business, Social Media can be a great tool for achieving success.

Yet, many of us have to face questions – how do i attract the right people? How do i keep customers? How can i make my brand stand out?

I strongly believe the answer is in You. Not exactly in what you do or what you offer. It is in You. In fact, “serial intrepreneurs” know that people will most likely buy a product from a person they know and trust. Products and services may change with time, but the customers will follow.  Behind a successful brand there is a always a Personality.  A brilliant Communicator. A Leader. And of course, a great Marketer.

So how do you become all that and achieve your marketing goals?

First of all, you stop doing things which no longer work. The time of selling, self-praise or pushing your product has gone.  In modern day marketing you have to Educate, Inspire, Entertain, Engage as true Leaders do.

  1. Educate. Provide others with helpful tips and information connected with products/services you offer.
  2. Listen. Be intuitive and listen attentively to your community, it may provide you with  inspiration and a new direction you need.
  3. Do not just sell products, offer membership. Remember that the quality of relationship and engagement is more important than the number of followers. Always value and find various ways to show appreciation to your supporters. Allow them to be insiders.
  4. Inspire. Create a movement, a vision which inspires your community.
  5. Try something new. Do not be afraid to expand your reach using new technology and new industry-specific networks.
  6. Infuse your personality into your brand. Being You is essential for making your message unique and authentic. Allow your creativity flow, your style, your way. Express yourself and invite others to join you on this exciting journey.

To your success!



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