Dreamforce and the Road to Data Quality

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Dreamforce and the Road to Data Quality Diane OBrienData has been given a lot of attention this year, especially by thought leaders and visionaries at Dreamforce. Although Big Data receives the attention, it’s becoming clear across many industries that Dirty Data is the real big news. If companies want to set themselves up for success in the 2020 marketplace, they better get a handle on how to fix their data problem. It’s a problem that many don’t realize they even have, and they don’t know how much it’s costing them.

Social Selling and Dirty Data

Jill Rowley has been a true evangelist in helping more companies understand that the old sales model is dead, and that social selling is where you need to be playing. She brings to light the importance of your social contact data. Before you can even start social selling, you have to get your contact data, and relevant social contact information, in good shape. It’s very likely that your necessary customer contact data is incomplete, inconsistent, or simply missing. This key information is needed for your sales force, or your recruiting force, to be effective.

Preventing Dirty Data from the Start

Poppin.comWhether you are using Salesforce as your CRM, or use a heavy hitter in the ATS space, everyone has heard the “garbage in, garbage out” theory about data. Yet, there was never an effective way to deal with this problem. Good luck trying to change the behavior of sales people or recruiters when entering this important data. The best way to fix the broken system is to put in automation that will prevent the problem from starting in the first place.

Thomas Redman, author of the book, Data Driven, said it best when he discussed that companies can spend as much as 30% to 50% of their time trying to find the right data.  How much time do you spend trying to find that certain email, or that person’s title before calling them? What do you do when you only have an email address, but you need a phone number?

Dirty Data: The Productivity Killer

What could simply be the click of a button, often becomes hours in a week when playing the search and find game. In some companies, when you add all the time together, simply finding the right data when you need it has become a full time job. Unfortunately, it’s a full time job that you’re not getting paid for, and it’s costing companies major money in lost productivity.

This is more important than ever before, as sales are often coming directly from your contact data with effective social selling.  The data needs to be clean, easy to find, correct, and complete.

In the future, the heart of your revenue stream will be largely based upon the order, and effectiveness of your data.

The smart CEOs and smart companies that will dominate in every industry, will be the ones that understand this concept today, and are taking action to understand more about the current health of their data.

Ringlead had a sort of “coming out party” this year at Dreamforce, and gained instant notoriety because of the software it employs to fix dirty data.  Normalize, Clean, and Enhance all your dirty data with a few clicks of a button.  Start taking the steps needed today to get your contact data in shape, and automate a system that will keep your data ready to drive sustainable revenues into the future.

 Powerful social media software for business

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