Reputation Management

By Andrea Ocampo

With social media running rampant and with everyone having an opinion, reputation management has become more crucial than ever. But what is reputation management and how should you implement it regarding your social media strategy? Here are 5 tips that go a long way when starting to tread the waters of reputation management.

There are plenty of reputation management companies you can hire to put on the front lines of the internet battlefield to fight this sticky fight, but there are things that we can do to ensure that the negativity lurking behind dark keyboards is kept under control.

Strategize: This is a must for businesses, and if you have a large business, hiring someone to take care of your reputation maybe a good idea. Create guidelines on how you will answer less-than-stellar feedback. It can be a simple template you use strategically when needed to address negative feedback. Having different versions can help streamline the process and help when your nerves are on edge when dealing with your reputation.

Transparency: The importance of being authentic and apologizing when it’s warranted goes a long way. People are looking to connect, and you’d be surprised how some people react when their complaints and concerns are acknowledged. There shouldn’t be any pride involved when it comes to connecting with your ideal clients. If an apology is in order, then just deliver it head on.

Streamline through email: It can be overwhelming answering all complaints, especially if you’re genuinely interested in addressing them all. It’s a good idea to create a specific email address that you give people who want to reach out to make suggestions or want something addressed, i.e., This can be implemented in your strategy, and when addressing a group of people, it can be a good way of streamlining their messaging; it also gives the indication that you have your ear to the ground.

Testimonials: Create a testimonial page where your clients can post authentic positive feedback. This should be taken into consideration and looked at from all angles. All testimonials need to be genuine; be careful not to make false claims. There’s always two sides of the coin when creating a testimonial page; even though it’s an open forum for people to share their positive feedback, you must take into account that it also opens up the opportunity to be negative.

Create positive content: There’s no hiding or dodging the gray clouds when it comes to people’s negative experiences. But one thing you can do is to create positive content surrounding your company. If there are social positive initiatives your company focuses on, then it’s time to blog, video and hashtag about it.

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