South Korea is Asia’s Hub By Luna Vega

By Luna Vega

This year, I decided it was time for a change, so I opted to take my business on the road and discover digital marketing trends and technologies in Asia.

Two years ago, I was brought to Singapore for a consulting assignment. The assignment changed my business perspective and exposed me to the bubbling tech scene and opportunities in Asia. I vouched myself to come back one day. So, here I am, and the first stop of my journey was Seoul. Seoul is the home of KPOP and has a huge influence on the Asia Pacific market. I was interested in knowing more about this fabulous country, especially since I am a big fan K Drama and Kimchi.

South Korea is the K-Pop, cyber games, fashion, and beauty capital, and its people radiate with sophistication. Being presentable is an important part of their culture, hence the emphasis on plastic surgery, cosmetics, fashion and so on, so it’s only natural that shopping is a big aspect of Korean culture. Korean fashion is well sought after by people from all over Asia. Shopping districts like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Itaewon, Hongdae, and Garosugil are packed with tourists from other Asian countries stocking up on their Korean Ffshion. Personally, my favorite shopping mall was Doota for its …. **Maybe here explain why it’s your favorite. Otherwise, it seems a little random to include this short sentence here and not elaborate on it.**

Unlike popular belief, South Koreans do not like to be overdone. Their make-up is tasteful and their clothes are all custom tailored for a very polished look. Fashion is highly influenced by global trends, but remixed to fit an Asian demographic. Koreans also have a passion for hip-hop music, hosting a strong local rap music scene, so it sways their attire to have a unique edge.

Now, I have to give credit where it’s due. The internet in Korea was incredible: it’s the fastest in the world. I was uploading 4-gig video files on my Dropbox in just under one minute! Technology is a crucial part of their everyday life and all sorts of gadgets are sold. Social media also plays a significant role in their society: Koreans are very active on Facebook and Instagram. Korean companies are actively promoting their services on Facebook, and at times, will have a Facebook page instead of a website. And in case you’re wondering, their messaging app of choice is Kakao.

I had a blast while in Seoul, but I just wish I could have spent more time in this beautiful city. Twelve days was not enough to crack all the intricacies of the Korean culture. I guess I’ll just have to make another vow to myself to return one day!

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Shanghai! What an incredible city – I am still talking about it. Its grittiness and energy reminded me of New York City: it’s a place where you can start eating your dinner at a five star restaurant while making business deals, then find yourself dancing at an after party without even planning it.  Anything can happen in 24 hours.

While in Shanghai, I discovered the power of WECHAT, which puts any other messaging apps to shame. WECHAT is a messaging app with location sharing capabilities and even links to Paypal to provide e-commerce capabilities.  WECHAT is also a powerful social media network. All of the interactions I had while in China happened on WECHAT.

Additionally, I was relieved to learn that Uber was available in China. As a foreigner with no Mandarin speaking skills, I depended heavily on Ubers (and my friend’s patience) to help me get from place to place. The subway in Shanghai is also extremely reliable. I had to download an app while I was there to get by called Smart Shanghai because Google Maps didn’t work.

Now, while in China, I experienced first-hand the health of the economy. Between all the skyscrapers and the burgeoning businesses, bars, restaurants, etc., it was all flourishing and incredibly impressive. Pop-up stores with emerging local designers are prevalent, so that as a lot of fun poking around and browsing through different brands and styles. China is pushing to get itself a seat in the worldwide fashion stage, and from the looks of things and meeting so many interesting people, it is well on its way. While there, I interviewed a few up-and-coming designers who were optimistic about prospects and talked about how Chinese purchasing behaviors are changing.

Shanghai is definitely a city to look out for in the fashion industry. The possibilities of what can happen there are endless, and even though it’s over 7,000 miles away from New York City, between the excitement and hustle that consumes the city, I still felt right at home.

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